The Hump Jumper® ~ Stitching Over the "Hump" Since 1989

 The Hump Jumper®, first introduced to the sewing market in 1989 to solve that frustrating sewing problem: stitching over the “hump.”  Since then, it has been aiding sewers both nationally and internationally with remarkable success and a high approval rating.

 The idea for The Hump Jumper® originated when I owned a couture bridal shop in Beverly, Massachusetts. Finding it very frustrating to sew many layers of bridal fabric with even straight stitches, I decided I needed to invent something because sticking paper, wads of material, or whatever under the back of the presser foot was not solving the problem of the "hump". How I got my dentist friend to create the first Hump Jumper® with a blowtorch and a piece of Plexiglas is one funniest incidence of the entire process.

 Sewing since the age of four, I knew if I needed this great gadget then every sewer in the world needed one! The hardest was finding a mold maker to make the injection mold, convincing them to create a mold to my specifications when they had no idea about sewing. “Show and Tell” worked wonders. When the orders started coming in, and The Hump Jumper® started moving out the door, the mold maker nicknamed me “The Hump Jump Lady.”